YouOwn: A helping hand to first home buyers

YouOwn is a breath of fresh air for New Zealand that helps Kiwis find a house to call home.

Through co-ownership, they help first home buyers into their own homes, when before it just wasn’t financially possible.

Here's how co-ownership can help low the hurdle for your first home...

🏠 Co-ownership only requires a 5% deposit.

💰 Lower interest payments.

🤝 Support and guidance through each step of the home loan and co-ownership process.

How does it work?

You buy a portion of the property you can afford now, and YouOwn helps with the rest. You pay a charge on their portion and after five years, you can buy their share when you are able to.

With YouOwn’s help it really is possible to step into your own home today and create the future of your dreams.


The key benefit of a co-ownership loan versus a low-deposit loan

The main advantage of a co-ownership loan using YouOwn over a low-deposit loan is that you are able to access the Banks ‘special’ lower interest rates. 

Normally with a low-deposit loan, you have to pay the ‘standard’ interest rates as well as a ‘low-equity premium’.  The key benefit of a co-ownership loan is that it saves you money in interest costs.

Are you eligible?

With a deposit of just 5% it may be possible to own your own home with YouOwn. As long as you are able to service a mortgage of around $500,000+, which means a combined household income of around $110,000, the numbers should stack up. You must be a New Zealand Citizen or Permanent Resident, have a clean credit history with little or no debt, and be buying the property to live in.


  • Combined household income of $110,000+
  • Deposit from savings and/or KiwiSaver of at least 5% of the purchase price.
  • Be a New Zealand Citizen or Permanent Resident.
  • Have a clean credit history.
  • Little or no debt (less than $15,000)
  • Be buying the property to live in.

YouOwn Testimonials

Fleur and Alfred brought their first home in 2018 using the YouOwn program.  Here’s their story in their own words.

6 simple steps to home ownership.

01. Apply. Check out the eligibility criteria above and if YouOwn is right for you, register your interest by completing the online application below.

02. Plan & Pre-Approval. The First Home Buyers Club will then introduce you to an advisor in the YouOwn programme and help you to obtain a home loan.

03. Find your property. YouOwn has partnerships with reputable and established New Zealand builders and Real Estate Agents who can help you with the requirements for your home.

04. Purchase. Together with YouOwn, you’ll sign the sale and purchase agreement as co-owners, pay the builder or vendor a deposit and sign a legal agreement that specifies your joint rights and obligations.

05. Settlement. YouOwn will help you complete documentation to withdraw any KiwiSaver funds and you sign the loan documents with the bank.

06. Move in! The balance of the purchase price is paid, the bank issues a mortgage over the property and you move in! While YouOwn are co-owners you pay them a charge on their portion, this is recalculated every five years.

Get the show on the road.

To get the ball rolling, start by completing the online approval form below. YouOwn will be in touch to discuss whether you meet the criteria. If you do, your application will progress to a home loan application. YouOwn will guide you through the process from purchase to settlement.

Looking for your dream home? Start here.


YouOwn has partnerships with reputable and established New Zealand builders and Real Estate Agents who can help you with the requirements for your home.

The sales agents can help you to understand the house buying process, discuss what you want from a house and help you locate what you’re after.

If you have a property in mind, feel free to let us know and we can confirm it's suitability for the YouOwn programme.

Register your interest in YouOwn

To get the ball rolling, confirm you meet the above eligibility and complete the below application form.